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We have various horizontal and vertical CNC and conventional lathes.


Our possibilities range from conventional 2-axis turning to full y-axis turn/mill combinations with sub-spindles. We have the capacity to produce pieces from Ø10 on our DOOSAN LYNX up to Ø1600mm on our YOUJI 1200 horizontal CNC machines. On our Victor CNC vertical lathes we can produce up to a length of 2200mm.

We produce single pieces and bigger series of varying products. We have recently added a production robot BMO PT50 for loading one of our CNC lathes.


We work with different materials such as steel, stainless steel, duplex, aluminium, plastics and many other materials. We are authorized by DNV GL to restamp materials with a 3.1 inspection report. In the machinelist all of our CNC and conventional lathes are listed.